Unfortunately 115 characters on Twitter isn’t quite enough to answer some of the important questions in life. Luckily we have this page to make up for it!

Once we get the answers back from the farmers we’ll post them up here (and notify you) so you can see what is really happening behind the scenes.



Question 24/7/16 by @christinefreak1 “What happens to the rest of the plant after all the grain is harvested?”
Answer by @camparker62 “Harvester machines are set up to spread straw / chaff as mulch or baled for stockfeed / bedding”

Question 21/8/16 by George Everett (via email) “Do many Aus farmers grow wild rice and why? Any benefits over normal rice?”
Answer by @ozricebreeder “v. small area of Zizania grown in NSW – it is tall and low yielding which offsets high price…Real wild rice (species related to cultivated rice) grows across Nth Australia and was a big part of indigenous diet”
There are even some suggestions many rice cultivars originated from Australia and moved into SE Asia. Thanks for the question George!


Question 25/8/16 by @Nick_Mckenna1 “@ a question for the fruit growers. What is this waxy coating on my apples?”
Answer by @AgriEducate “Thanks Nick! Apples produce their own wax – it helps reduce water loss, improve fruit firmness, and helps preserve them…@Nick_Mckenna1 the natural wax is made up of >50 chemicals, a major one is ursolic acid which is highly water repellent!”