What does robotic regulation, native food and Kenyan agribusiness have in common? The AgriEducate Essay Competition!

It’s not often you have the opportunity to read two completely different perspectives on the same topic, authored by emerging leaders in each field and backed by the latest research. Yet in the second iteration of the annual AgriEducate Essay Competition this was exactly the case – Matthew Nevison from the University of Sydney presented a business theory argument for native food production in Australia, whilst Sophie Moss (until recently a student at ANU) wrote on the role of emulating Australian ecosystems and native foods across Australian agriculture for consistent and reliable food production. On a completely different topic, Rex Yuan – Highly Commended in the Law category, wrote on the highly topical regulation and legal framework surrounding autonomous vehicle regulation, discussing the relevant legislation that would govern liability.

These are just two examples from the field of fantastic essays we received, and goes directly to the purpose of this competition – to bring people with ideas and significant degree-specific knowledge together to help plant the path for the future of Australian and global agriculture. A massive congratulations to all entrants for taking the time to consider the application of their knowledge to agriculture.

All the winning essays are published in this compilation – please read through and enjoy the new ideas and passion that emanates from these essays. We at AgriEducate certainly had a blast and are feeling very inspired!


Before we get to the results, a big thank you to the prize sponsors. This competition isn’t possible without their support.
Science – Crawford Fund
Law/Extension – Bailiwick Legal
Engineering/IT – Flurosat


So it’s with great pleasure that we announce the 2019 winners of the AgriEducate Essay Competition.

First Place: Cassandra Howell – University of Western Australia
Second Place: Andrew Regan – University of New England
Third Place:
Kitty Cheng – University of Melbourne

Highly Commended:
Francesca Earp – University of Sydney
Highly Commended:
Rex Yuan – University of Queensland

Highly Commended: Dylan Sanusi-Goh – University of New South Wales

Highly Commended: Matthew Nevison – University of Sydney

Highly Commended: Sophie Moss – Australia
Highly Commended: Denis Ochieng – Kenya

All the winning essays can be read here.

The competition is planned to run in 2020, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to contribute to the industry and have a chance at winning a prize as well. Until next year!

** Please note that these essays represent the opinion (and hard work!) of the entrants and not necessarily the sponsors nor AgriEducate. If you have any questions, comments or would like to be involved in the 2020 competition, please feel free to get in touch at contact@agrieducate.com.au. A massive thank you to Matt Champness and Nicole McDonald who helped run the competition this year as well.

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