The AgriEducate Essay Competition is officially open!

One of the most inspiring elements about agriculture, and something that initially converted and now keeps me in the industry, is its truly cross-disciplinary nature. The embroidering of agriculture in the social fabric of Australian society means it has links beyond the expected biological and engineering components. Anthropology, law, business, international relations, diplomacy, market analytics and even nursing, medicine, construction and astrophysics, all these disciplines contribute to a more productive agricultural ecosystem.

Yet this complexity and diversity is often lost, with the industry surmised as ‘farming’ on its lonesome. Farm management itself is undeniably complex, involving every one of those aforementioned disciplines in a single occupation!

So in 2017 AgriEducate developed the idea of a truly interdisciplinary essay competition, capturing the diversity and scale of ideas and areas of study around Australia. The concept being that any tertiary student could apply, from any discipline with a plethora of prizes across a number of categories. The response was fantastic. We had entries from 14 different universities covering an innumerable number of perspectives, and this year we’re running it again.

Four awarded categories (Science, Business/Commerce, Engineering/IT, Law/Arts) sharing a prize pool of $4000 across 12 prizes. The stakes are higher and this year we’ve even opened a Global/Open category, so we can engage with the truly global and all encompassing nature of the industry as well. All the the information on the competition can be found here.

So, what are you waiting for? Entries close October 31st 2019, with winners announced on November 21st for National Agriculture Day. We can’t wait to start reading responses and sharing those fascinating perspectives. Good luck!

Guy Coleman, Founder

Thanks to our sponsors Crawford Fund and Bailiwick Legal.

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