Crawford Fund Conference 2018: Top 10 Quotes

Part of the AgriEducate team Christine (@christinefreak1) and Guy (@geezacoleman) had the pleasure of attending the Crawford Fund 2018 Conference: Reshaping Agriculture for Better Nutrition – The Agriculture, Food, Nutrition, Health Nexus. 

For those after a bit of background, here’s an article we wrote in the lead up to the event describing the importance integrating agriculture, food, nutrition and health.

Featuring some enthralling presentations from global researchers, policy experts, social entrepreneurs, farmers and politicians, there were so many fantastic quotes it was hard to pick the top 10. So without further ado here they are. Do you agree? Let us know if your favourites made the cut!


“Governments such as PNG are dealing with 50% of children with undernutrition while trying to manage 14% of children who are overweight”

Dr Jessica Fanzo


“We live in a very complex situation with the coexistence of hunger and obesity in the same household, city and region. Policy makers will need to adapt to this challenge”

Dr Alessandro Demaio


“We have to use all the tools in the toolkit, with good governance, good design, and good risk management”

Professor Andrew Campbell


“Don’t think of nutrition as a social welfare program, but an economic development program”

Professor Glenn Denning


“I couldn’t think of a better investment for our dollar than helping these young people do great things”

The Hon. Julie Bishop MP


“More perspectives is exactly what we need to address the challenges [in agriculture] we have been discussing”

Professor Maggie Gill


“The biggest opportunity we have is our food”

Dr Alessandro Demaio


“Nutrition, along with climate change, is the meta challenge for agriculture, and agricultural and food systems research, this century”

Professor Andrew Campbell


“All our achievements are thanks to farmers, and those who get food to us”

Professor Robyn Alders


“Nutrition can do lots for physical and cognitive wellbeing, but it can also just make us happy”

Professor Robyn Alders

Agriculture is a pathway to helping many people, environments and societies, so in the words of the #1 quote from the 2017 Crawford Fund Conference:

“if you want to solve a lot of the world’s issues, start working with a farmer”

Stuart Higgins


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