2018 AgriEducate Essay Competition: Winners Announced

It is with great pleasure that we get to announce the winners of the inaugural AgriEducate essay competition in this post. The competition aimed to promote the application of diverse knowledge bases and fields of study to food security and agriculture in general. The team at AgriEducate had a great time reading through all the responses and were very excited by how well received the competition was.

We received submissions from 14 different universities around Australia (out of 43 in Australia) from a diverse range of degrees covering everything from law, medicine and international trade to construction, anthropology and engineering! The competition itself reached over 50,000 people on social media too. So a massive congratulations to everyone that entered the competition and for applying your knowledge in an agricultural setting. The essays were all of very high quality and the judges did have a tough time deciding the final winners.

So what was at stake? Well there were three cash prizes across the five categories:

  1. $500
  2. $150
  3. $50

Importantly, representatives from each sponsor of each category (including AgriEducate as the Social Science/Arts sponsor) have offered to personally contact the winner and develop that connection within their respective field. We’d just like to thank the following sponsors for their fantastic support of the competition too.

The Results

So without further ado, here are the winners of the AgriEducate Essay Competition. The Essay Compilation includes all winning applications in an easy to read format so you can be inspired by the talented young minds around Australia. We’ll be releasing each of these essays as an article each and every week, and including them in our monthly newsletter as well, so please make sure you sign up so you don’t miss out!


First Place: Jordan Soresi

Second Place: Jocelyn Bosse

Third Place: Katrina Nash


First Place: Steven Liu

Second Place: David Goudie

Highly Commended: Ashleigh Johnston


First Place: Stephanie MacKillop

Second Place: Bailey van der Zanden

Third Place (tied): Amy Moss

Third Place (tied): Katie O’Connor

Social Science/Arts

First Place: Abby Georgeson

Highly Commended: Tayla Robinson


First Place: Benjamin Malcolm

Second Place: Frederick Litchfield

Third Place: Élodie Lussier-Piché



The views presented in these essays do not necessarily reflect the views of AgriEducate, and are the views of the original author.

Some formatting changes and title additions have been made for the essay compilation for improved readability.

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