How to Make your Farming Dream a Reality

Cultivate Farms is a matchmaking service between retiring farmers and young people keen to get onto land but lacking the huge capital. AgriEducate and Cultivate Farms have teamed up to bring you a 50% discount on their ‘Aspiring Farmer’ package. Simply email us to claim the code and get one step closer to owning your own farm! In this article, Sam Marwood, co-founder of cultivate farms, explains some of the many ways to resurrect your farm ownership dream!

If you’re anything like thousands of people across Australia you probably have squashed farm ownership dreams.

Look at the photos we have here of Tim and Tegan Hicks and their family, it’s so beautiful it makes you sick. But right now if things stay the way they are this photo of a happy family on their own farm will never be a reality. They (and thousands like them) don’t have the cash. They have the passion, vision, drive and skills, they just don’t have $5 million.

What we’ve realised is that there are actually many ways you can resurrect your farm ownership dreams and we have listed these below.

1. Hope

The first step on the pathway is to actually realise that you could own your farm. Without this hope you won’t do the thinking or put in the effort needed to make it a reality.

We’re telling you now that you can own your farm; it just might not be that you own 100% of the farm yourself.

You could have a retiring farmer sponsor you onto their farm and setup a vendor finance deal with you – this is what happened all the time in the old days and we need to bring it back.

You could own the farm with an investor or two. There are plenty of people buying farms, but they need your expertise and passion to make it profitable. Why not partner with them?

There are organisations out there who can help you with all of this as well which we will reveal below.

2. Farm-Ready

Now that you are pumped to have your farm dreams back you need to ensure you are farm-ready. You’ll most likely be farming with other people so you need to impress them with a myriad of skills and passion.

Write down your farm dream, where is it, what are you farming, what methods and how will you drag yourself out of bed at 4am? This step clarifies what you’re fighting for.

Make a note also of why you are passionate about owning your farm. What is it inside you that is burning? Describe it and speak it out whenever you meet with anyone. Having a burning passion you can describe to others is powerful and you never know what opportunities might come out of it.

What skills do you have and what skills do you need? Undertake an audit and if you don’t have the skills to match your dream, start learning. Jump online and find the courses available for that topic. Hassle local farmers and ask them to be your mentor. Take a job as a farm manager and work hard to build your skills and reputation.

At the same time, become the real-estate royalty of your district. You should know when farmers are looking to leave the land before they do.

Be like an entrepreneur who is constantly hustling. Find as many different angles as you can to get yourself on your farm and pitch your vision and plan to anyone who will listen.

3. Farm ownership

Now that you are farm-ready and everyone knows it, we can get you on your farm.

This doesn’t have to happen 10-20 years down the track though. If you are hustling, then in a few years you could find a retiring farmer who would back you onto their farm, or an investor who wants you because of your passion and tenacity.

The ball is now clearly in your court. Get out there and make your farming dream a reality.


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