Top 10 Crawford Fund Conference Quotes

At the end of the Crawford Fund 2017 Conference (check out #cfconf2017 on Twitter if you haven’t already), we have so much to write on we hardly know where to start! Whilst we sift through our pages and pages of notes, we’ve made a summary of what we think are the best quotes from the conference! Do you agree? Let us know if your favourites made the cut!

Stay tuned for much more to come!


Dr André Laperrière

“big data is no longer for the gods on top of the mountain, but for everyone”


The Hon Barnaby Joyce MP

People in agriculture can say: “I have dedicated myself to feeding and clothing people… so people aren’t going hungry”


Steve Mathews

“data is only as important as what you can do with it”


Dr Ken Street

“science doesn’t have to be really complicated to solve a real problem, it can be quite simple”


Dr David Bergvinson

“agriculture touches on all 17 of the SDGs in one shape or form”



Dr Lindiwe Sibanda’


“we think we are experts, but the ex means we know nothing”


The Hon John Anderson AO

 “many innovations in agricultural development happen when excellent science combines with good policy”


Dr Andy Jarvis

“we need to get more systematic about valuing data as a public good, as something which will drive innovation forwards”


Dr Lindiwe Sibanda’

“Food is our medicine… My grandmothers farm was her pharmacy”


Stuart Higgins

“if you want to solve a lot of the world’s issues, start working with a farmer”




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