How all generations can make farming their career of choice

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Farming sits towards the bottom of the careers list for a lot of young Victorians. This doesn’t mean that young people don’t want to be farmers; it’s just too expensive. Why would anyone attempt a dream career that is nearly impossible to realise?

One solution is to aide the transition of land, across generations, allowing farming to become a career choice for young Australians once again. And if the cards are played right, it’s also possible for retiring farmers to continue to earn from their years of hard work, while supporting young farmers and bolstering their local community.

We know aspiring farmers you are up against it. Unless you inherit a farm or are wealthy, you won’t have much of a chance of owning a farm.

One solution however is to treat your farm dream like it’s a start-up.

Be a farm entrepreneur.

Write your plan down, tell everyone your farm dreams, hustle, hassle retiring farmers you know who are looking to step back and seek investors.

There are farmers of retiring age out there waiting for you to ask them; will you sell me half your farm?

There are also plenty of people out there seeking opportunities to invest in farming. The current options for retiring farmers looking to step back are binary (sell it all or stay till you die) and often don’t provide positive outcomes for the community.

  • Sell it: you get all the cash, but lose your connection with the soil you’ve spent your life cultivating.
  • Die on it: sounds romantic, but you’ll have completely worn yourself out and the farm won’t be operating at it’s full potential when you do go.

But imagine if there was an option that allowed you to get cash to retire, have an ongoing income, support a new family and ensure your community thrives. This is a possibility if you looked at those binary options a little differently

What if you sold half the farm to a new farming family busting to get farming? It frees up cash for you to retire and your farm gets a new lease on life. Remain the equity owner of the farm and arrange to stay on the farm for as long as you want. While there, offer your wealth of knowledge to the new family; become the chairperson rather than the CEO and help see the farm succeed.


The only thing left to do now is to make it easy for aspiring farmers to find retiring farmers; a type of match-making service. Where both parties have the space and time to ensure everyone wins and are satisfied with the outcome.

With hundreds of dating websites and new disruptive businesses changing how we buy and sell, matching aspiring and retiring farmers will be the normal way of transitioning land in the future and farming will be the boom industry everyone is talking it up to be.

Sam Marwood is the co-founder of Cultivate Farms, a farm match–making, social enterprise, aiming to rejuvenate regional communities by bringing young families back to regional areas. For further information go to or email Sam at



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