AgriEducate and Cultivate Farms are teaming up!

Over at AgriEducate HQ we’re pleased to announce a partnership with Cultivate Farms that will help all of our subscribers kick off their farming ambitions. For a limited time, ALL AgriEducate followers get 50% off the Aspiring Farmer package currently valued at $150 a year. That means that for $75 a year you get access to:

  1. Eligibility for farm opportunities.
  2. Cultivate Farms helps you find education, development and job opportunities at discounted rates.
  3. Free Mercado market analysis membership (valued at $300 per year).
  4. A public farmer profile.
  5. Access to the eBook under construction (valued at $30).
  6. Discounts on partner opportunities.
  7. And much, much more including tips on how to be farm ready, local farm stories and priority response from the Cultivate Farms team.

To claim the 50% ($75) discount simply make sure you follow either our Facebook or Twitter pages and send us an email at We’ll then pass your details on to Sam at Cultivate Farms and they’ll do the rest!

Cultivate Farms

Cultivate Farms is a farm and farmer ‘matchmaking service’ helping young, aspiring farmers overcome the large financial obstacle preventing a move onto the land. The program aims to improve the access of young Australians to agricultural land. As such it fits in perfectly with our ‘raison d’√™tre’ on improving the urban and consumer connection with agriculture, and developing greater interest in agriculture from young people around Australia and the world. So we’re doing everything we can to help Cultivate Farms inspire the next generation of Australian farmers.

Anyone is eligible for the program. All you need is passion for agriculture and a drive to become a farmer, irrespective of where you were born and how you grew up.

So make the most of this opportunity, sign up to Cultivate Farms and let those dreams of being a farmer become reality!

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