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AgChatOZ is a Twitter-based forum posing seven user-supplied questions to farmers and those involved in the Australian agricultural industry on issues facing agriculture or just general farm life. This week the theme was “Great Australian Agriculture”, providing real-time insight into why Australian farmers and those in the industry do what they do best, and what inspires them to continue. I have selected a few responses to the questions and published them here.

The first question was: “How did you get involved in Agriculture?”

Nyssa ‏@Nyscat

Q1. I woke up one day, and was told to come mustering. Think I was about 4… I was in from then on #agchatoz

Richard McLellan‪@RichardMcLellan
#agchatoz‪ Q1. I reckon that I have #agriculture in my blood too. Come from many generations of farmers – 1st Scotland, then Oz, since 1850

Shaun Coffey ‏‪@ShaunCoffey
#agchatoz‪  Various roles in agriculture have taken me around the world

Sam Livingstone ‏‪@Sam_Grains
Q1 I actually started working at an RDC, after that I still had an interest in Ag, now im a Cattle Producer. ‪#agchatoz

Cynthia Mahoney

Q1 started in dept of Ag as an economist. Went onto facilitation with farm families. Now do leadership devt 4 rural & other sectors #agchatoz

AgriWebb ‏@AgriWebb
Q1: Grew up on a pastoral station, after getting a law degree, working in-house in IT law, it was time to get back to my roots #AgChatOZ

Cynthia Mahoney ‏@cynth_mahons

Q1 Dad was an Ag scientist-loved his work. I loved all subjects at school-Ag sci enabled me to study sci, economics, sociology etc #agchatoz

Robert Hewitt ‏@meat_evangelist 

Q1 went to uni, efficiency of intensive production followed my ideals. Had a tour of a farm, asked for a job, 17 years later… #agchatoz

Angus Whyte ‏@GusWhyte

Q1 Born on a family farm, went away to school/study/work realised how good it is. #agchatoz

RiverinaAimee ‏@RiverinaAimee

Q1. Family farming too. When I left school and worked locally (not directly in ag), I realised Ag was where I was meant to be. #agchatoz


The second question looked into “What/who inspires you to do what you do?”

Angus Whyte ‏‪@GusWhyte
Q2 Love working with animals & working with Mother Nature. We set our own high standards, there are many we look up to also.  ‪#agchatoz

Peter McClintock‪@farmerPeteMcC
2) city office job didn’t provide enough risk:reward, no point dying wondering what might have been  ‪#agchatoz

Jennifer Brown ‏‪@AuJennymBrown
Wow truly amazing diversity of ‪#agchatoz chatters. Inspiring for me who needs be am closer to ‪#periurban than rural

Shaun Coffey ‏‪@ShaunCoffey
Q2. ‪#agchatoz  People are a key motivator … they are future makers, shaping the land and natural resources in a productive way

Bridgette Byrne ‏‪@bridgette_byrne
Q2 for the love of the land ‪#agchatoz

Cam Parker ‏‪@camparker62
Q2 ‪#agchatoz those who have made their own way without having it handed to them on a platter are the most inspiring.  Plenty out there

Cynthia Mahoney ‏‪@cynth_mahons
I love working with people 2find their voice, their passion &contribute their skills 2the world. People in Ag have so much 2 offer ‪#agchatoz

Richard McLellan ‏‪@RichardMcLellan
‪#agchatoz‪ Q2. The land. We’ve got an amazing country, which needs to be managed sustainably. #Agriculture has a big role to play.

Sally Tudor ‏‪@tudor_sally
Q2 1st my Gran (best lady ever) 2nd 2 b able 2 improve & leave our patch of heaven in better shape then when we started ‪#AgChatOz

Darren Tyson ‏‪@DarrenJTyson
Q2 Inspired by parents and lifestyle. Use a respected family friend as a role model. ‪#AgChatoz

Cynthia Mahoney ‏‪@cynth_mahons
The ppl in Ag I work with inspire me. It’s amazing how ppl step up & change &do incredible things when they have the right support ‪#agchatoz

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